Side Channel Blower
Side Channel Blowers are developed for generating higher pressures than any industrial fan. They are designed for constant and safe operations with wear and tear free shaft sealing. The impeller rotates safely without making any contact
Ring Blower
Compact, durable and lightweight Ring Blowers are provided that can be easily mounted in any position. With low noise levels, 100% ‘oil free’ airs and fan cooled motor, they ensure to provide the best performance.
Turbine Blower
Turbine Blowers are sure to provide extreme blowing force. They are available in light-weight yet sturdy design to ensure one-handed operation. They ensure to create air speed up to 110 mph with their hyper-stream air nozzle.
Aeration Blower
Install an aeration blower and operate it to supply oxygen to wastewater treatment plant as well as pond. The purpose of using the system in two different areas completely vary. 
Aquaculture Blower

Install aquaculture blower near the pond to aerate the aquaculture pond and use it to stabilize the dissolved oxygen concentrates and achieve a safer level. Water quality can be maintained by promoting water circulation at a moderate degree. 

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