Due to brilliant performance, our side channel blowers find their use in various production units including suction conveying, liquid agitation, blow of the powder & granules, bottle packing, cooling of the radiation equipments, combustion, air supply to the aquatics etc. Apart from these, our blowers find their use in suction applications and fields such as metal, chemical, mining, plastic, agriculture, medicare, fishing and filling. 

Being a client centric organization, our priority is to meet requirements of a large number of customers. For this, we offer air blower into axial flow and centrifugal type, blowers with axial flow have a fan in a tube and low blast & pressure. Apart, centrifugal type blowers are further segmented by us into smooth flow and vortex type. The vortex blowers are known in the market for producing high wind pressure. Some striking features of our blowers are:

Our USPs

Our Team

The production engineers of our firm employ modern machines & techniques to develop completely reliable Ring Blowers, Regenerative Ring Blowers, Side Channel Vacuum Blowers, Turbine Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Medium Pressure Blowers etc. Our accounts professionals maintain computerized records of all the transactions so as to analyze the financial position of the firm, whenever required. All personnel of our company actively participate in exhibitions, seminars and training classes to keep themselves abreast of the industry dynamics.

Products We Offer

Our company is manufacturing and exporting below mentioned products:

Our firm also works as a service provider to render After Sales Support solutions of offered products.

Application Areas

Side Channel Vacuum Blower (For Suction)

Side Channel Pressure Blower (For Blowing)

  • Food washing equipment

  • Work conveyance equipment

  • Powder & granule conveyor

  • Suction tasks at the working site

  • Suction industrial dust tasks

  • Paperboard conveyor

  • Degasification treatment

  • Bottle filling machine

  • Automatic weaving machine

  • Paper cutting equipment

  • Printing paper conveyor

  • Dust removing equipment

  • Purifying tank

  • Car wash blow dry equipment

  • Floating element of paper cutter

  • Bottle air drying

  • Bobble bath

  • Air drying after printing

  • Fermentation

  • Oxygen supply for culture field

  • Combustion furnace

  • Vegetable & fruits washer

  • Powder & granule conveyor

  • Electrolyte Stirrer

Our Infrastructure

The major space of our infrastructure is occupied by the manufacturing cell, which is armed with modern machines, tools and equipment that help in production of blowers & pumps in an excellent speed of approximately 100 sets of various models every months. In our R&D cell, we conduct extensive researches, case studies and surveys that aid in bringing regular upgradations in the manufacturing techniques and offered product-line. Moreover, we keep entire developed gamut as per the respective categories in our spacious warehouse.

Why Us?

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